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My Projects
I have created, edited, presented at, or have otherwise participated in the following literary, artistic and political projects:
October 2017
Reservoir Lit, Issue 4
Unfortunately, this journal no longer exists.
April 2017
aaduna, Four for the Fourth: A Retrospective [LINK]
February 2017
A Queer Disposal / Community Accountability via Social Media: An Investigation [LINK]
This in an ongoing project that I began conducting to present at the Five-College Film and Media Studies Conference at Smith College, though I hope to continue it elsewhere as well. For this project, I have received and continue to solicit submissions on marginalized people's (especially queer and trans* activists') experiences of accountability and disposability politics as they play out on social media. I presented a particular case study at the conference. This project is part of my ongoing work on the politics of safety, precarity in the context of marginalized communities, and the fraught issue of transformative justice in response to abuse.
January 2017
Asian American Literary Review, Volume 7, Issue 2, Fall/Winter 2016: Open in Emergency: Asian-American Mental Health [LINK]
(no direct link available)
  • MICRO-ESSAYS: fuck normal
January 2017
The Felt, Issue 2
Unfortunately, this journal no longer exists.
  • POEM: & so i loved another white man [AUDIO]
  • POEM: How to Get Into a Psych Ward [AUDIO]
January 2017
The Nilgiri Wagon [LINK]
(no direct link available)
November 2016
Transforming Abuse: Western Mass QTPOC Perspectives on Abuse, Community Accountability, and Transformative Justice [LINK]
I conducted this project for the Trans Symposium at Hampshire College. I undertook a survey of perspectives on transformative justice and community accountability in response to abuse, as experienced by queer and trans(*) people of colour in Western Massachusetts. I then synthesized the responses and creative interpretations into paper collages, which I exhibited at the symposium. These collages can be viewed at the above link. At the symposium, I also had an open-format time period available for discussion of the issues presented in this project.
November 2016
The Vigil Center for the Arts & The Voices Project, November 2016 Anthology [LINK]
October 2016
Before I Leave, I Want You To See This, October 2016 Issue [LINK]
  • INTERVIEW: Featured Author
October 2016
Before I Leave, I Want You To See This, October 2016 Issue [LINK]
  • POEM: for you & me & other qtpoc: [AUDIO]
August 2016
Before I Leave, I Want You To See This, August 2016 Issue [LINK]
June 2016
Before I Leave, I Want You To See This, June 2016 Issue [LINK]
May 2016
Loculus Journal: A Dance Collective, Vol. 1 Issue 4: lock stock and barrel [LINK]
  • COLLAGES: dance, parts 1 & 2 (made in collaboration with Anyazelie M. Z├ęphyaire)
May 2016
Rethinking 'Safe Spaces' [LINK]
This is a self-published project that addresses the complex theoretical, personal, political, practical, intersectional and ethical issues involved in attempting to create 'safe spaces' for marginalized people. Much of my undergraduate academic focus was devoted to this topic, culminating in an independent study I took with Professor Karen Remmler at Mount Holyoke College in Spring 2016. I also presented an introduction of this project at the Senior Symposium in April 2016.
May 2016
traumopheliac (a collaborative project) [LINK]
This is a self-published project my classmates and I compiled for our class, Feminist & Queer Disability Politics, with Professor Eli Vitulli at Mount Holyoke College, in Spring 2016. It consists of poetry and multimedia work addressing intersecting themes of trauma, sexuality, and disability. My specific works that appeared in this project are listed as follows.
  • TEXT: introduction [LINK]
  • COLLAGE SET: tree [LINK]
  • COLLAGE SET: roxy [LINK]
  • COLLAGE SET: wound [LINK]
  • COLLAGE SET: words [LINK]
  • COLLAGE SET: red, or, problem girls [LINK]
  • COLLAGE SET: heart, or, cage [LINK]
  • COLLAGE SET: dance, part 1 [LINK]
  • COLLAGE SET: dance, part 2 [LINK]
February 2016
Disabled and Neurodivergent People in Western Massachusetts: Experiences of Alienation and Isolation [LINK]
I conducted this project for the second iteration of the annual Five-College Disability Studies Conference at Smith College. I undertook a survey of perspectives on alienation and isolation experienced by disabled and neurodivergent people in Western Massachusetts. I then exhibited the responses in poster format at the conference. As a creative extension, I also made paper collages to accentuate the posters. Both collages and responses are available at the above link. At the conference, I also led a peer-based group discussion on the relevant issues, in which many important activist and general perspectives were represented.
November 2015
Koi Lakeer Sach Nahi Hoti: Poems by Laltu aka Dr. Harjinder Singh (my father)
  • COVER ART: Love by me and Vidhi Maheshwari
November 2015
Asian American Literary Review, Volume 6, Issue 1, Spring 2015: Trading Futures [LINK]
(no direct link available)
October 2015
EDGE Literary Journal, Volume 9 [LINK]
  • POEM: there was no safe house [AUDIO]
October 2015
Datableed Zine, Issue 2 [LINK]
  • POEM: the nightmare in which you kiss me [AUDIO]
August 2015
Vetch Poetry, Issue 1 [LINK: PDF]
August 2015
Loculus Journal: A Dance Collective, Vol. 1 Issue 1: Where the Knife Hits the Wall [LINK]
  • CONTRIBUTING EDITOR: of Molly McBride's poem, interior of a dance
July 2015
Self-Care for Skeptics: A Feminist Manifesto [LINK]
June 2015
Contemporary Queer, Bodies [LINK]
June 2015
rip/torn, Issue 5 [LINK]
April 2015
Five College Disability Conference at Smith College: Disability & Fashion feature by Blythe P. Newton-Haynes
I did an interview with Blythe P. Newton-Haynes about my relationship with disability and fashion. She also photographed me. Mine and other interviews/photographs were showcased in posters at this conference.
April 2015
Polychrome Ink, Volume 1 [LINK]
March 2015
Calling Us Crazy: Psychiatric Survivors' Stories on Forced Institutionalization: zine made by the D Center at the University of Washington
  • POEM: How I Learned To Institutionalize Myself On Purpose [AUDIO]
March 2015
New Bile, Volume 1
(no direct link available)
February 2015
Vagabonds: Anthology of The Mad Ones, Volume 4, Issue 1 [LINK]
  • POEM: i wish we were in the same psychward [AUDIO]
February 2015
Maps For Teeth, Issue #2 [LINK]
  • POEM: Rant Is A Word I've Learned [AUDIO]
February 2015
Hindi Translation of Heart of Darkness by Laltu, aka Dr. Harjinder Singh (my father)
  • COVER ART: My painting, The Garden Of Eden is featured.
February 2015
Sex Talk Realness: Polyamory Column at by Rachel Hills
(no direct link available)
  • INTERVIEW: (I'm "Woman B")
December 2014
Window Cat Press zine, Volume 1 / Winter 2014 [LINK]
  • POEM: middle class fantasy world [AUDIO]
December 2014
The Missing Slate, Weekend Poem [LINK]
  • POEM: in the age of globalization [AUDIO]
November 2014
(parenthetical zine) by the words(on)pages press, Issue 4 / November 2014
(no direct link available)
  • POEM: fly like cathedrals [AUDIO]
November 2014
High Tension zine, Issue 4
(no direct link available)
October 2014
East Coast Ink, Bridges, Issue 004 [LINK]
October 2014
The Outrider Review, Welcome Sensibilities, Volume 1, Issue 4
(no direct link available)
July 2014
Mad Ms. Video Project by Marni Kotak: [LINK]
This project consisted of the stories of many USAmerican women's experiences with mental illness. My part involved video montages of myself juxtaposed with audio performances of (parts of) my poems.
  • POEM: Sad Girls
  • POEM: crazy psycho bitch
  • POEM: at what point
  • POEM: ode
May 2013
Displace Me Project [LINK]
This is a self-published project I compiled for my class, Dynamics of Displacement, with Professor Jill Lewis at Hampshire College, in Spring 2013. It consists of family's and friends' stories, as well as my own.
April 2013
aaduna, Second Anniversary issue, Spring 2013 [LINK]
  • POEM: dusty blues [AUDIO]
  • POEM: here and there [AUDIO]
  • POEM: Collect These Languages They Will Make You A Good College Candidate [AUDIO]
Spring 2013
BlazeVOX, Spring 2013 [LINK: PDF]
February 2013
Everyday Abolition
(no direct link available)
  • ARTICLE: You have to face the monster within you...
October 2011
cosmoqueer zine, The Femme Issue
(no direct link available)
I used a pseudonym, areyana, for this publication.
  • POEM: this is not an advertisement [AUDIO]
April 2011
Positive Spaces Anthology, a collaboration between Kinaara literary magazine and Open Spaces India [LINK]
April + May 2008
Art Exhibitions at Kalakriti Art Gallery and Oakridge International School
My paintings were included with poems of the same titles in an exhibition of artwork by students at Oakridge at Kalakriti Art Gallery in Hyderabad. Later, I also had another exhibition of my artwork at Oakridge for my International Baccalaureate (IB) Visual Arts final exam.
  • POEM/PAINTING: Indian Kiss
  • POEM/PAINTING: Movie Theatre
  • POEM/PAINTING: Stillborn
  • POEM/PAINTING: Eye of the Tornado
  • POEM/PAINTING: Clich├ęd Life
  • POEM/PAINTING: The Garden of Eden
Summer 2006
Teen Ink
  • POEM: ?? (title unremembered)
April 2006
Get Lit! Spokane Poetry Festival [LINK]
I performed a poem that won the 2nd Prize for Poetry in this poetry festival.
  • POEM: She (?)
Motif Mag
Unfortunately, this journal no longer exists.
  • SHORT STORY: Re-encounter
  • SHORT STORIES: ?? (titles unremembered)
  • POEMS: ?? (titles unremembered)